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Want to remove name from google?

Have you been wondering if it were possible to remove your name from the search engine so you could remove name from google? Many people find themselves listed in a search engine directory with information that may be embarrassing or even information that could be considered slander. Although there is no guaranteed way to ensure that your name does not show up on a search engine directory, there are a couple different ways to remove name from search engines.

Before you attempt anything, get in contact with the site or sites that have your name and/or information online and ask them to remove it. Using the WHOIS database, you can generally find the contact information of any site easily. If you cannot convince the site to agree to take your name off there are still options for you. Creating other online account is another option you have. By creating new online accounts you can potentially force the negative information about yourself further and further back in the search results so that they are not seen. Most people do not go through more then 50 search results. If neither of these options works, you can always resort to paying a company to remove your name from search engines for you in order to protect company name.