Christ Church: A Truly Renowned College, Cathedral and Film Location

Christ Church is an especially distinguished college; one inevitably and markedly stands out from other colleges in the UK and indeed in Oxford University. It is so much more than a college, an incredible institute of learning; it is also a captivating cathedral, and has even served as a location for a range of different films, perhaps most notably the Harry Potter franchise. Ensure you visit Christ Church as part of an England tour, for a remarkable experience.

As has already been mentioned, Christ Church is also a cathedral, which makes it wholly unique, as the only college in the world to also be a cathedral. The Cathedral was constructed in captivating intermingling of Romanesque and Gothic styles over the twelfthand thirteenthcenturies, before the college was established. Christ Church has also always had an enthralling yet, at times, tumultuous past. During the era of the Civil War (between 1642-1646) King Charles I?s headquarters were at none other than Christ Church.

Renowned figures from a wide range of fields have studied ? and continue to study ? at Christ Church: from politicians to great writers, philosophers to scientists. Incredibly, it has fashioned 13 British Prime Ministers, much more than any other college in either Oxford or Cambridge. Lewis Carroll, celebrated as the author of the Alice in Wonderland books, was also a student and then a lecturer at the college. He was regarded as an exceptional mathematician. The first German-Jewish intellectual to take up a post at Christ Church before 1933, was the inimitable Albert Einstein himself. W.H. Auden, the extraordinary poet, also studied there, as did the eminent philosopher John Locke ? and many more intellectual giants besides.

Christ Church is distinguished as a location in the Harry Potter films. Many of the scenes in the franchise were shot in diverse sites in the College, and as you traverse the cloisters and quadrangles it is far from difficult to understand why. Perhaps the most well-known aspect of Christ Church that recurred in the films was the Great Hall. This functioned as Hogwart’s Hall.Explore Christ Church, such a renowned edifice for such a vast number of reasons. As well as holding a formidable intellectual reputation, producing some of the finest minds the world has ever seen, Christ Church also functions as a stunning cathedral and a highly sought-after filming location.

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