The Hyden Group – Interactive flash website and search engine marketing
With more than 29 years of experience in designing homes, Hyden has acquired knowledge about families, their dream homes and what it takes to make a house into a home. He loves straight-forward design and believes in the phrase “less is more” as it shows in his work. We wanted his website to reflect his strength in simplicity and he has the deluxe package search engine marketing to promote his work.

Google search: ‘Texas design blog’, ‘Michael Hyden’, ‘San Antonio home designer’

Los Angeles Lawyer – Search engine marketing and Adwords campaign
Adam Sacks is a well known lawyer in the entertainment business, he has been working as a lawyer for over 15 years. He wanted solid promotion online, so we mixed in the premium package search engine marketing, which includes twice the amount of effort for marketing his website to search engines as well as an extensive Adwords campaign. This way he has high immediate traffic and he gradually grows his presence online.

Google search: ‘Beverly Hills attorney’, ‘never ending divorce’, ‘Adam Sacks’

Edward Mendoza – Search engine marketing and Social Networking Website
I wanted an interactive website for my music videos that would allow me to communicate with my peers and promote my work. This website has a music video blog that I update regularly and I wanted the blog to flow with the rest of the design, rather than being a blog that was hosted on a different web address. The entire design is set with a CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) page and the search engine optimization has worked very well to attract daily visitors. A new social network part of the website created in PHP is also being promoted online for the Music video forum.

Google search: ‘Music video director’, ‘Music video blog’, ‘Julio Fierro’

Short Film Blog – Search engine marketing
Ryan Spevack is a movie producer that put together a short film called ‘The Sixth’. He wanted search engine marketing to show his knowledge in the field and attract potential buyers for his work. Currently he is talking to several distributors about his movie promoting Tiny Lister Jr.

Google search: ‘short film marketing’, ‘short film distribution’, ‘Claudia Lynx’

Healing hands Blog – Website design and search engine marketing
Massage is an incredibly versatile art form, it’s best practitioners are always those that mix different sciences and approaches to help the body relax and heal. With the slogan ‘true healing’, search engine marketing has put this company on the internet map and has helped get calls; that is the point of internet marketing. Are you looking for Swedish and Deep tissue information?

Google search: ‘Cave Junction massage’, ‘Grants Pass massage’

Pop Music Artist – Website design and search engine marketing
Michael Navon is a pop music singer that wants to spread his music and his videos as far as possible. With the standard package he is on his way to promote his sound and his look online.

Google search: ‘Michael Navon’

Crockett Architects – Interactive Flash Website
Optimized for computer screen over 1024 pixels, the Flash website designed for Robert Crockett was intended to be subtle. His design work is both cutting edge and abstract, so he wanted a website that reflected both of these quality. The entire site was meant to be a whisper in blue and white tones.

California Chiropractic Ratings – PHP/MySQL Social Networking Website
The California Chiropractic Ratings website was created to give Chiropractors a social networking website that they could use to comment on each others work ethic, insurance policies and other parts of their field. The main focus on the site is to provide ratings on different Doctors, insurance companies and other parts of the Chiropractic field.

You can see how it works by logging in: (username: test) (password: test)