Are your prices competitive?
We do not have such high overhead as most studios, and we do not believe in making our clients pay for our advertising campaign; the result is very affordable websites that are focused in making the most profits for our clients.

How does Search Engine Marketing work?
By researching your target market thoroughly and studying your competitor’s keyphrases you can affect the position of your website in search engines. We also optimize the back-end of your website to make it more user-friendly to the major engines like Google®, Yahoo® and Bing®.

Can I change the look of the website?
In the development stage we show you what style we feel most suits your target market and fits into your companies’ personal look and feel. If you are unsatisfied with this look we shall keep working on it until you are satisfied. Each client gets this undivided attention as we make sure you are happy with the end product.

Is an E-commerce website secure?
Absolutely. With 128-bit encryption your delicate information is safe from hackers. Having your companies’ complete database available to your employees on a secure server is a cost-efficient strategy that is a safer alternative than having your information on a regular server.

What information do you need?
The usual information from a client is the copy that you want on your site, images of your product or service and contact information. If your company is brand new we can provide this information at an additional fee.

How long does it take to have a finished website?
This depends on the amount of pages required, what extra media is necessary(Flash, music, 360), how much interactivity is needed, is there Ecommerce involved…If all that is required is 3 to 5 pages with images and text provided, your site should be working in about two weeks depending on changes requested.

Once complete, can I change my website later?
As time goes by, you might want to change the information on a page or change pictures. This is called an “update”. At an additional charge you may change any element of the website you desire.